Scenic Routes Community Bicycle Center


We believe the bicycle is a tool of freedom, social equality and happiness.

We believe that bicycling is an accessible form of transportation that promotes public health, builds confidence, encourages environmental stewardship and strengthens community. Inequalities of wealth and opportunity in our community lead to the privilege of some and the marginalization of others. We see bicycles as vehicles of empowerment and our work as contributing to creating a more just and equitable world.


Tune ups:

Basic tune up:

Everything is complicated, man.

Advanced tune up:

We’re not afraid of playa dust. Are you?

Kick the tires:

Want us to help you with a craigslist bike?

Things to do

No drop, various levels of toughness, all welcome. Slow is forever.

We believe in third spaces and in expanding and enriching third spaces in our communities and are troubled by their erosion. We want to take a position as a robust public space and fight for more equitable public space in all parts of our cities, our parks, our shared (slow) streets.

Come by every Tuesday evening for basic bike maintenance class.